My name is Lars.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

I do UX and design.

I am a university qualified information designer and visual communicator.


Conceptualisation, product design, wireframing, storyboarding, waterboarding (kidding) and pixel perfect accessible and user-centered design.
Apps: Sketch, XD, Figma, Github, SourceTree, Adobe CC, Premiere, After Effects etc.



As a critical thinker I have always had reservations about pulp fiction astrology and esoteric wisdom imparted in bite sized chunks to be consumed in newspapers and rag mags by desperate people hungry for meaning. But I do believe we are part of a much bigger and harder to comprehend reality than our day to …

Keep the home fire burning ? South Africa. Don’t freeze back ❄️

TLDR; I talk about about history (a passion of mine) and then list a couple cool things going on right now. Its been a crazy couple months for South Africans. Beyond navigating the devastation being wrought by the pandemic, our country was further rocked by a wave of violent crime being committed en masse with …