Waking up…

sleeve in bath

There’s a word in the Pali language, anatta (there’s a special character over the last ‘a’ that I don’t know how to make on my keyboard*), which describes a central tenet of Buddhist doctrine.  This tenet is the non-existence of the ego, and can best be understood as the belief that your entire existence as a cohesive self is only an illusion.  In other words, that star trek teleporter discontinuity you mention doesn’t just happen when you go to sleep and wake up, in happens in between every single synaptic action potential you ever experience.  Not only are you not the same person as when you went to bed last night, you’re not even the same person as you were when you started reading this. 

-Will Northup (https://www.quora.com/Am-I-the-same-person-when-I-wake-up-in-the-morning)

Sleep cycles & bicycles


I have found inspiration of late. A beautiful young soul has spoken to me, whispered in my ear. Inspired me. To use my time more wisely. To make more of my time. To own my time and not to waste it on things that don’t enrich me.

I am loving my work and I am working on love. Loving myself and loving my fellow man and woman. Love is all. It is the force that drives me and the food that nurtures me. That, and shinrin yoku.


And the dharma. You have given me the inner strength to reach for my goals, the confidence to make concrete career moves, the happiness to celebrate a birthday I wasn’t sure I’d make, and the renewed energy to transform my life. I am essentially debt-free (as I promised myself a year and a half ago when my marriage failed), and I am on the brink of an amazing journey after heartbreak almost destroyed me. A lot of soul-searching and self-immolation followed, but I rise alongside my punk rocker peers like the phoenix out of the cinders of a life I saw turn to ash in front of me.

Love this metta:

May you be peaceful
May you be happy
May you be free of suffering
May you be free of the causes of suffering
May you be free from harm
May you be free from fear
May you be loved.

Working on me. Peace.

Balance of power


Money is not the same as product. Product is consumed and money merely changes hands. It should never be created or destroyed at will. That leads to an imbalance in the metrology of money and the value originally attached to it. And then it fails to have any value at all, just records in a database. The digital economy is bullshit. I’m gonna learn to build stuff with wood and shoot a gun while the sun shines.

Hello again.

image The mere possibility of our lives intertwining, of us being something more than just friends. That is what makes me smile today. And I’ve been smiling since your birthday. Your eyes glittered around me, the mask I gave you only served to make you more beautiful. The thought of your eyes, so full of life and intelligence, lifts my spirit. My heart soars. And sometimes I imagine your body rising under me. All of this since we walked together that day. I loved walking with you, sometimes leading, sometimes not. Mostly side by side.

The almost mythical story of Haas Unica (a font, not a Dutch superhero)


Imagine if, due to some fluke in the development of projection technology, The Empire Strikes Back had only been shown in a couple of movie theaters. Imagine it fading into obscurity and existing for decades as nothing more than a cult film, a historical footnote, an object of fascination among serious movie buffs.

That’s the story of Haas Unica.

If you have eyeballs, you’ve almost certainly seen Helvetica. It’s one of the most widely used typefaces ever created, so popular that it generated a documentary examining its popularity. It’s almost equally certain that you have not seen Haas Unica, the typeface designed to be Helvetica’s sequel of sorts. Introduced in 1980, it was lost to history almost instantly upon its arrival.

A Legendary Redesign of Helvetica, Reborn After 30 Years

run run


run                                                                                   run