Management hints & tips

Got this in the post, seemed irrelevant until I skimmed through it. Interesting! And relevant (to managers to and to managee’s – is that correct?? who knows). Anyway I scanned it in, makes for an interesting read:

and finally, the course details if anyone’s interested:

How to add an image to your post…

You can upload an image stored on your computer, or simply copy the URL of the image (the better option, as the images are then not uploaded to WordPress but are pulled from their respective sites). Here’s how you do it…

Step 1: Right click on the image on the web page > Copy Image Location (see below):

Step 2: In the WordPress text editor click where you want to insert the image in your post (normally best to insert the image above the text – we are visual people after all!):

Step 3: Click on the Upload/Insert image icon above the text editor

Step 4: The Insert an Image panel pops up. Choose your image source from the tabs along the top. You can add an image file you already have saved on your computer by clicking Browse and locating the image on your computer and clicking Upload:

OR you can insert the image from the web page you are referring to by clicking From URL tab at the top, and pasting the image location you copied earlier into the Image URL field. You need to add an image title too:

Step 5: Finally, click the Insert into Post button.

And you’re done!