Morning Miami :)


My baby this morning in Miami. She took this photo at 6 a.m. local time, noon SA time! She has vowed to try send me a pic every morning when she wakes up. I predict long mornings followed by happy lunches for the next 3 weeks.

Her first day consisted of a long walk exploring the surrounds, malls etc., as well as encountering an angry cloud of mosquitos, and a range of local nutters. One lady started talking to her at the bus stop, saying “What are we gonna do? …What about Tom Jones”. Clearly its not unusual…

Check out her photos on Facebook (obviously you’d need to be a friend of hers. If not, fek off. Har har!)

Signing off for now, I got my girl on Whatsapp. Laters 🙂

Ok, let’s try again.

I set up a Blogger blog some time ago with good intentions. But the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. So, anyway I decided to try again. My girlfriend is going away for 3 weeks. I will have alot of time on my hands. And a lot of hand on my time. 😉 But seriously, I’ve decided to become reacquainted with my own personal creative urges. So, this is my first one. Peace, L