Sleep cycles & bicycles


I have found inspiration of late. A beautiful young soul has spoken to me, whispered in my ear. Inspired me. To use my time more wisely. To make more of my time. To own my time and not to waste it on things that don’t enrich me.

I am loving my work and I am working on love. Loving myself and loving my fellow man and woman. Love is all. It is the force that drives me and the food that nurtures me. That, and shinrin yoku.


And the dharma. You have given me the inner strength to reach for my goals, the confidence to make concrete career moves, the happiness to celebrate a birthday I wasn’t sure I’d make, and the renewed energy to transform my life. I am essentially debt-free (as I promised myself a year and a half ago when my marriage failed), and I am on the brink of an amazing journey after heartbreak almost destroyed me. A lot of soul-searching and self-immolation followed, but I rise alongside my punk rocker peers like the phoenix out of the cinders of a life I saw turn to ash in front of me.

Love this metta:

May you be peaceful
May you be happy
May you be free of suffering
May you be free of the causes of suffering
May you be free from harm
May you be free from fear
May you be loved.

Working on me. Peace.

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